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Top 5 Best Mackerel Lure Products

Mackerel lure comes in variety of sizes, colors, and materials. And that’s why you may often ask which one is the best lure to catch those fish? Choosing the most suitable lure or bait to catch mackerel is quite challenging since this fish generally can be hard to catch and sometime it is technical especially if you want to capture Spanish mackerel. This type of mackerel fish has strong set of teeth and they can bite angler’s wires and fingers that come in their way.

Casting or spinning are the most exciting way to catch such fish. You can cast big metal spinners, spoons, or slugs from the shore, cliffs, or rocks. But, you may need to get heavier tackle when you capture Spanish mackerel from the shore. Different case might happen when you try fishing on boat, you should locate the mackerel fish by trolling or spotting the surface and it is a wise move better than you waiting them all the day while casting blindly. In fact, there are so many ways which you can do to attract mackerel fish. Anyway, below are several best mackerel lure that work effectively.
Top 5 best mackerel lure which you can pick
1.      Okuma fishing mackerel bait/lure
It is a stunning and unique mackerel bait or lure favorite by many anglers. When you attach it onto your hook, it can present enticing swimming action with its soft body material and it is suitable best for saltwater fishing activities and designed specifically for vertical mackerel fishing. The lure proves to be quite deadly whenever you try to roll or cast it. It has the capability to withstand brutal actions from large predator fish.
2.      Bomber saltwater grade mackerel lure
The small saltwater rig offers excellence performance when used to fish mackerel. It has amazing features that you do not want to miss out such as: the tiny tinsel rig, Captain Action spoon, #6 SS wireoint 1, and two saltwater grade 3/0 hooks. There is no doubt that this mackerel bait is a high quality lure with the bait made from durable and best material ever.
3.      Livetarget mackerel bait
It is a perfect lure to target or capture Spanish mackerel type of fish. It has large clip and comes with elongated body that is very eye-catching like small fish. It can be used for fast trolling and it dives deep. Not to mention it also bring electro-plated metallic design with one-knock sound.
4.      The rapala X-Rap mackerel bait
It can be used to capture most of saltwater fish including Spanish mackerel with a very big impact. It is designed specifically to withstand any onslaught the saltwater monsters can give. This offers hard cutting, darting, and perfect aggressive move which totally attract many fish best mackerel lure into snap it. It builds with integrated long casting system and mated with irresistible rattle to make the lure looks more tempting.
5.      Yo-zuri Crystal mackerel bait
The crystal mackerel fish lure stand out with wide swimming action move that any mackerel fish would find irresistible. On the belly part, there is one “Attack Point” attached to make sure that the fish grabbed tightly when snap the bait. Due to the design, it enables the bait to swim slowly but it still offers great action when you use it to catch mackerel fish and with all the features the mackerel bait offered, it becomes deadly hook: it has durable ABS body material, extra ultraviolet colors for certain color patterns, sharper and stronger hooks, and an ultraviolet sapphire-balanced weight inserted as well.
When you want to buy set of mackerel lure, there are some things that you need to looking for like:
-          Make sure that the lures designed with eye-catching colors such as shiny and bright body. Most of the time, anglers like to use unique and bright colors such as pink, blue, orange, yellow, red, and many more. But, silver, black, and white colors are work well too
-          You can try to mix the swimming lures and not only depend on one type of mackerel bait.
-          You can use artificial mackerel lure, such as feathers or daylights to catch other types of fish as well.
Those are things you should note before you purchase certain mackerel baits or lures.

Top 5 Best Mackerel Lure Products

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