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Carrageenan Powder Beneficial and Product Uses

What is carrageenan powder? Maybe you still unfamiliar with the name of carrageenan, but in fact they can be found in many products especially human foods such as ice cream and yoghurts. Carrageenan is actually everywhere till it is impossible for you to be able to found grocery products which do not use this powder for their thickening agents. Even foods claimed as natural product sometimes apply this material to make their foods. Let’s learn more about carrageenan and its powder and you will understand of why this extract is really important for everyday industry activities in the world.

The uses of Carrageenan Powder in global industry
Carrageenan powder has been introduced to the industries since decades ago and in fact they have been used in China and Ireland for centuries. Carrageenan number of sale in global industry can reach and worth millions of dollars. And so, why this material is so important for our industry and why they are used worldwide?
First thing first, carrageenan is the most common food additives which extracted directly from red algae seaweed namely Chondrus crispus that also famously known as Irish moss. Although carrageenan does not have nutritional values, but they have been used widely as emulsifier and thickening agents to enhance the texture of certain industry food products such as ice cream, yoghurt, soy milk, cottage cheese, and other processed manufacturer’s products. And even you can find it in your baby formula products!
To be precise, carrageenan is used for two major things as follow:
-          Food additive: Even though carrageenan powder provides no flavor and nutritional values, but the fact that its chemical structure provides useful thickening agents, binder, and stabilizer in numerous manufacturer’s food products and healthcare products including toothpaste. They are even used for not only human foods, pet or animal foods as well.
-          Conventional medicine: Carrageenan can be used as an active ingredient in certain medicines to treat many diseases including coughs, colds, intestinal problems, and many more. It has been known to relief swelling and pain. Moreover, it has been known the using carrageenan powder beneficial to deal with peptic ulcers thanks to the acidic form which can be used as an effective laxative.
In conclusion, carrageenan powder has been used for various things and it is such an important commodity to be sold in the world. However, it is best to moderate using carrageenan as well as consuming its foods if you do not want to suffer from the negative effects because too much chemical additives.
Using carrageenan powder for various things
Carrageenan powder can be used for various things just like we already mentioned above. You can even purchase it directly from local supermarket or grocery stores that supply or stock food additives or thickening agents. They can be used for human foods and manufacturer products like shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, lotions, etc. However, there are many methods you should follow when you want to add carrageenan into your products. For example, if you want to use the powder for products with a true water phase like shampoo and its friends then you can add the powder slowly to the vortex, after that heat it. And as for human foods, you should know the ratio being used for the powder because some people like to mix the powder of carrageenan with a dispersant like sugar.
Is carrageenan safe to be used for various products?
Of course it is because it provides a good result as thickening agents or stabilizer. However, for human and pet foods, it is recommended to limit processing foods which using such material because over consuming carrageenan is not that good for your body.
For the industry, you can purchase carrageenan powder in the seaweed suppliers that sold carrageenan as well. There are many Asian carrageenan suppliers which offer not only raw seaweed products but also processed and extracted products like this powder. You can ask them how much the prices and whether you can get discount if you want to bulk order the powder. Moreover, you also need to ask how the extract and process the carrageenan into the powder. Hope this information regarding carrageenan and its uses help you to understand more about carrageenan best powder product.

Carrageenan Powder Beneficial and Product Uses

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