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Why Buying Mackerel Hg Fish Product?

Mackerel Hg means that the fish is sold without its head and guts. Mackerel is a small oily fish and a common name applied to a number of different species belongs to the Scombridae family. Mackerel is important seafood that consumed worldwide and produced in wide variety of styles from fresh to canned product. As mackerel Hg, it is mean that the fish sold as a whole round either fresh or frozen and then can be used as raw seafood like Japanese traditional sushi dish or sashimi, but they can also being cooked into many mackerel recipes.

Why mackerel Hg?
This is a healthy fish that can be consumed in many ways. Mackerel is a small fish that does not offer high mercury content unlike other larger predatory fishes such as tuna and salmon, mackerel does not accumulate too much mercury in their body and their life span is short. Mackerel also give numerous nutrients when consumed each week, this is why many major organization recommends us to eat good omega 3 source fish like mackerel at least 2 to 3 servings per week. Mackerel is not only offer great omega 3 fatty acids for body, but also protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, potassium, selenium, iron, calcium, mineral, and many more. Mackerel need to be included in your dietary menu plan.
Mackerel with the head and guts already removed makes the fish easier to be prepared. Fish is spoil quickly and even faster than beef meats. Meanwhile, the head and guts fish part can make the fish spoilage immediately and thus with those parts being removed, it can prevent the mackerel fish to spoil quickly. Usually the fish will be sold as whole round fresh or frozen product by the suppliers or vendors.
Choosing mackerel Hg suppliers or vendors
Fresh and frozen mackerel Hg can be purchased through wholesale suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Even some people willing to buy mackerel fish with online shopping if they can find trusted supplier. If you want to buy mackerel Hg, then follow these guides to get good supplier who offer high quality of mackerel Headed and Gutted products:
-          Wholesale suppliers:
This is that kind of suppliers who willing to sell large quantities of mackerel fish with cheaper prices. Of course, if you only need small amount of frozen or fresh mackerel Hg, you do not need to order from them. Buying in wholesale vendor is a matter of quantity and usually large supplier can be trusted because they already have reputable name as wholesale sellers.
-          Distributor:
Wholesale suppliers usually sold their products to smaller distributor since they accept either large or small amount of order. That’s why the price will be slightly higher than if you purchase mackerel fish from wholesale vendor. However, distributor is able to send you small amount of mackerel fish and this is suitable for those who just start to open a restaurant business or retailers.
-          Retailers:
Retailers usually sold frozen mackerel Hg vacuum packaged to prevent the fish touched by outside air and spoilage quickly. You can purchase frozen mackerel h&g in local retailers such as supermarket or grocery stores. When you want to purchase frozen fish, make sure that they are still as fresh as possible with firm flesh and no visible sign of freezer burn. The frozen fish product should be packaged tightly and if you found any discoloration on the head cut part then avoid buying it because it is mean that the fish starts to spoilage.
These are several questions that need to be asked when you want to purchase mackerel fish either on larger supplier or retailers:
·         When the mackerel fishes were caught
·         How they harvest the mackerel?
·         Is the fish wildly caught or farm fishing
·         Prices and inventory
·         Shipping cost especially overnight shipping
·         Discount
·         How they process the mackerel fish
·         Payment method
·         Minimum order quantity
·         Other terms and conditions, etc.
Mackerel Hg fish product offers easy preparation before you cooks it, they can also being sold as mackerel Hgt which mean the fish is already being headed, gutted, and the tail is removed. Mackerel h&g sold with the skin on or off as well, the choice is yours.

Why Buying Mackerel Hg Fish Product?

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