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Price of Frozen Fish Mackerel Products

Price of frozen fish mackerel vary depending on the type of the mackerel. Mackerel fish is one of the most popular sea foods in markets and they are often being distributed (exported or imported) worldwide due to the high demand of excellence source of protein sea food along with tuna and sardines. People often straightly go with frozen fish mackerel due to unavailability of fresh mackerel and simply they just can’t find a good fresh mackerel according to their like. Actually, there is nothing wrong with buying frozen fish because they are in fact a fresh fish which being frozen to keep them from spoilage.
Price of frozen fish mackerel depending on the types
Mackerel fish will be freezed with properly manner after few hours have been caught. Some of the fish before sold to the markets being gutted while the head have been removed. And then they are packaged in a tight polybag. It is very important to know how to choose the best price of frozen fish mackerel because they are more expensive than canned mackerel especially if you can find a good and high quality mackerel.
The price of frozen mackerel depends on the type of the species; there are King mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Horse mackerel, Atlantic mackerel, Pacific mackerel, and many more. King mackerel becomes the largest of mackerel types may have more expensive price than other mackerel fishes and they also offer more omega 3 fatty acids content due to the larger size. However, because of the large size they tend to bring higher mercury level than other smaller mackerels and thus moderate consumption is needed when eating King mackerel.
When buying frozen fish mackerel, you cannot only consider the price because you should check the entire fish appearance and compare the nutritional value at first before pick up one. In addition, you should never buy a frozen fish with damaged package and freezer burn or ice crystal on the fish inside the package. And lastly, compare the price of frozen fish mackerel brands, expensive fish does not mean good and oppositely because it is all about how smart you can choose the best quality of frozen mackerel.
How to thaw frozen fish mackerel
Before you use or cook the frozen fish mackerel, the fish should be thawed earlier in refrigerator at least overnight and you can cook it in the next day. However, if you out of time you can simply thawing the fish with cool water and cook it. Here are the steps to thaw frozen fish mackerel product:
1.      Quick thawing process of frozen fish mackerel: First you need to store the frozen mackerel into a sealed and tight plastic bag because it will prevent the water touch the fish. You are going to thaw the fish with cool water because it can quickly dilute the fish through the bag.
2.      After that place the frozen fish in a pot full of cold water and let it submerge in the water. If the fish floats then you can put some weight on top of the fish. Just wait for few hours before the mackerel completely thawed.
3.      Alternatively, you can simply run the mackerel under cold running water with steady stream. This will defrost the mackerel easily too and quicker than place the fish in the pot. But, this will work only for thinner frozen fish mackerel because you do not want to spend too much water by running it for an hour and more.
4.      After you done, press the fish with your finger to check whether the mackerel is completely thawed. If you still feel that the fish has not been defrosted totally then repeat the process for few more hours.
5.      Avoid thaw the frozen fish with hot water because it will ruin the fish. Fish which have been thawed with hot water will look unevenly and defrosted too quickly, it affect the texture and the taste as well. Moreover, thawing the mackerel with hot water will make the outer part easily to get contaminated by bacteria before the inside getting thawed completely.
You can thaw the fish with microwave too by using the “defrost” setting in the microwave. However, choose this method only if you have a plan to cook the frozen fish right after you thawing. In conclusion, thawing process is a must before you cook frozen fish since you do not want the money you spend to pay the price of frozen fish mackerel wasted.

Price of Frozen Fish Mackerel Products

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