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Mackerel in France for Excellence Meals

One of the most targeted fishes in France is mackerel fish. Mackerel in France has constant popularity as excellent seafood due to the rich taste, wonderful texture, and oily but nice appearance. Mackerel can be sold in various styles such as mackerel fresh, frozen, fillets, steaks, smoked, and canned. You can even eat mackerel fish as raw dish after being handled properly. Mackerel is good source for omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are cheap in price and nice choice for dietary menu if you want to have healthy meals each week. Learn more about mackerel fish in here.

Mackerel in France excellence choice for meals
Mackerel in France is excellence choice for those who want to have heart healthy meals thanks to its omega 3 fatty acids content. This nutrient contains DHA and EPA that support healthy cardiovascular and thus effectively lower the risk of heart disease and the DHA is good to improve brain function. Beside omega 3 oil; mackerel fish offer various other nutrients such as protein, selenium, potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12, etc.
Mackerel fish can be cooked in many ways as well such as grilling, pan frying, broiling, baking, and many more. When you buy fresh mackerel, you can fillet the fish to make the appearance more elegant, of course if you have the skill to fillet the fish yourself, but you can always ask the fishmonger to fillet the mackerel fish for you. In addition, if you purchase an already filleted mackerel, usually they are sold as frozen fish and there are several qualities that you need to pay attention when you want to purchase frozen mackerel in France:
-          Check the appearance
First you should check the appearance of the fish, if the fish has visible freezer burn in the form of ice crystal on top of the fish. This is means that the fish is already being frozen too long.
-          Touch the fish
If you are allowed to touch the fish and the fish is not packaged in the airtight plastic then you need to ensure that the mackerel in France product has firm flesh and they are totally frozen and not thawed already.
-          Smell the fish
If the fish is not packaged, you can try to smell the fish and make sure the fish not give bad smell such as fishy odor. Since you want to get the freshest frozen mackerel fish then it should smell like sea ocean water.
-          Ask when the fish is caught
Mackerel fish after being caught will be immediately frozen before delivered to various places. You need to ask the supplier or vendor about when the fish is caught so you can get the freshest frozen mackerel in France.
Mackerel fish are caught using a variety of fishing gear from spring season to early fall. Fillet mackerel fish is best to have because an elegant appearance and many France restaurants like to serve their customers with the best fillet mackerel dishes that cooked with extra seasonings and marinade. The second best option should be steaks with the thick appearance and flavorful plus nice texture.
However, if you want to have cheaper mackerel then you can buy canned product. Mackerel cans sold in wide variety of styles including mackerel in oils (olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil), mackerel in brine, mackerel in water/ springwater, mackerel in sauces (tomato sauce, mustard sauce, hot sauce, etc), mackerel in herbs and extra seasonings, and many more.
When purchase canned product, there are several things you should be paid attention to get the best mackerel in France canned product such as:
-          Check the can to ensure there is no leak or damages
-          Check the labels to ensure that the fish is sustainable caught, BPA-free, and low in sodium
-          Check the nutritional value to get the highest omega 3 content as well as other nutrition
-          If you have gluten intolerance then get canned product that labeled as gluten free
-          Check the “best before date” or “expired date”
Canned mackerel in France products can be used within 3 years more or less if the can is not open. Store the can fish in cool and dry pantry.

Mackerel in France for Excellence Meals

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