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Frozen Pacific Mackerel HG Product Meanings

Frozen pacific mackerel Hg means that the fish is frozen and then processed to remove the head and guts while the tail still on. However customers can also ask the tail to be removed and this is mean you order mackerel Hgt instead. Why it is important to remove the head and take out the guts? Because fish unlike meat, they can spoil quickly and both the head plus the guts are part which can make the mackerel fish quicker to spoil. To prevent such thing your mackerel supplier recommend that the fish is being headed and gutted plus sometimes the tail is removed so the mackerel can stay as fresh as they can.

About frozen Pacific mackerel Hg product meanings
To make the mackerel fish stay fresh as long as they can, when the fishes are caught, they will be frozen immediately on the board. When the fish is being delivered to the factory facilities to get through other process, the fish will be kept inside container full of ice so the fish still fresh even after arriving at the plants. After that, inspection is needed to ensure the fish is in good condition. The fish still need to be stored in frozen state even after leave the cargo and then all the fishes will be placed to the factory process in the end.
The frozen Pacific mackerel hg product will be processed through semi-manual method. The fish is beheaded with scissor by hand while the guts are cleaned using vacuum machine. The mackerel hg can be sold as a whole or being cut again to make into frozen fillet. People whose need to bulk order fish mackerel, can purchase frozen mackerel hg per ton which is cheaper than buying small amount of mackerel fish. They can ask the suppliers for overnight shipping so the fish still in freshest condition when arriving at their places.
During the distribution, mackerel fish need to be stored inside airtight cargo or container full of ice. Sometimes the fish is also being distributed with cartons and then vacuum packaged to prevent the fish hit air.
Mackerel Hg is also some term for methyl mercury content in the fish
Yes, you heard it right that the term of mackerel hg is also related to the mercury inside most of the fish including this mackerel fish. Aside Headed and Gutted, Hg can also refer to mercury content as well. This is important to discuss about it since mackerel also have small amount of mercury substance.
 When you eat fresh, frozen, fillets, steaks, and even canned, there will be a trace of methyl mercury in your fish meals. Thanks to its small size, mackerel offers only a small amount of mercury accumulation than other larger predatory fish such as tuna or salmon. Small mercury amount does not give any effect to the body, however if you over consume mackerel fish then it is mean you over eating mercury content as well and this is not good for your body. That’s why you should limit you consumption of mackerel fish even though the frozen Pacific mackerel HG has lower mercury level.
How to buy frozen mackerel Hg?
To buy frozen Pacific mackerel Hg, you need to find reputable suppliers or fishmongers near your area. If you do not have trusted suppliers then you can buy tons of mackerel fish Hg via online shipping. Of course buying any products from online suppliers is a bit risky, but you can always try to do some research first to ensure that the suppliers are not some scammers.
When buying frozen mackerel fish, you need to ask how the suppliers store the fish since it needs proper temperature to maintain the freshness of the mackerel fish. If you find out that the fish has visible freezer burn then do not buy it because it is mean that the fish is already frozen for a long time and not just few hours ago being caught or harvested.
See the appearance of the mackerel fish; they should have translucent texture with firm flesh. Smell the fish as well and if the mackerel has off-putting smell which is too fishy then it is mean that the mackerel is already spoiled so you need to reject such product. Buy frozen Pacific mackerel Hg with fresh ocean smell.

Frozen Pacific Mackerel HG Product Meanings

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