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Milkfish Fillet Nutrition Information List

Milkfish fillet nutrition is what makes the fish preferred by many people. Not only it offers plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals but the fish also low in calories, cholesterols, and fats. This is why milkfish recommended being included in healthy weight loss diet. Not to mention that milkfish fillet can be cooked by skip deboned process because it is available as boneless and skinless product. If you want to have quick breakfast in the morning or easy dinner without much preparation then you should try to buy milkfish fillet packaged with numerous nutrients.

Milkfish fillet nutrition list
Milkfish fillet is a perfect choice to be apart in diet due to various health benefits come in nutrition list such as:
1.      Protein:
Milkfish is high in protein and that’s why eating it can provide enough milkfish fillet nutrition protein amount of your total daily needs. Protein is known to help prevent coronary heart disease and it improves immune system. Regular consumption of milkfish bangus in moderate amount each week can help overall body development plus prevent micronutrient deficiencies. So, you should totally include milk fish as a part of your regular diet to gain required protein intake.
2.      Omega 3:
Natural omega 3 fatty acids in milkfish can help to enhance brain development and function especially on kids. It helps the children to have good brain memories and it also help people to lower cardiovascular disease risk. Omega 3 content useful to controls cholesterol levels, reduces depression, and improves healthy eyes as well. As for pregnant women, omega 3 helps to increase breast milk and improve its quality while the baby will be born healthier and smarter.
3.      Vitamin B12:
B12 is part of B vitamins in milkfish which useful to maintain a healthy nervous system and blood cells. For this reason only, it is important to take milkfish so you can get enough vitamin B12 each week.
4.      Vitamin B9:
The main benefit of vitamin B9 or folic acid is to help maintaining healthy digestive system, kidneys, eyes, hair, and skin. Vitamin B9 is very important to our body by ensure it functions properly. That’s why vitamin B9 is important milkfish fillet nutrition.
5.      Vitamin B1:
Vitamin B1 is part of 8 water-soluble B vitamins and it has important role to provide energy production, nucleic acids synthesis, and nerve impulses conduction. Although Vitamin B1 content level is not that much in the milkfish, but still it can contribute about 1 percent of daily recommended value for an average adult.
6.      Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is known so well to have a role with maintaining healthy eyes. Besides that, it also helps to enhance immune system, cell growth, skin health, protein formation, gene transcription, and many more. The vitamin A with its retinol is essential milkfish fillet nutrition.
7.      Calcium:
Milkfish is a bony fish with numerous small bones and this is why the fish has high calcium content level. Calcium important role is help to strengthen bones, heart, and teeth. But is also help to prevent number of diseases such as seizures or hypertension.
8.      Magnesium:
Magnesium is a mineral that provide energy for metabolic process and it is important for more than 300 chemical reactions in our body. Milkfish fillet nutrition has a high level of magnesium content and in 100 grams of serving can offer about 8 percents of daily recommended intake for average adult.
Actually there are still many milkfish fillet nutrition content such as vitamin B5, B2, B3, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, and manganese. If you want to have safest seafood then milkfish bangus can replace other sea foods that high in mercury content such as tuna and salmon since milkfish is usually small in size then they are accumulate small trace of mercury as well.
Milkfish fillet is a great choice to be eaten with various cooking method. But if you want to maintain its nutrition then it is better to avoid frying milkfish in oil since it can increase the calories, fats, and cholesterol. Although we are know that frying milkfish bangus is preferred by many people since it offers the best taste of milk fish, but steamed can maintain its nutrition better than pan fried. Hope all this information useful for you.

Milkfish Fillet Nutrition Information List

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