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Types of Best Mackerel Fishing Lures

Mackerel fishing lures are come with wide range of designs and material. Knowing what lures to use is important, although sometime is all about personal preference but different types of fishing lures have their own benefits and weaknesses. Mackerel fish is a very fast swimmer and this is why you should depend on the fishing technique as well as the lures that you want to use. The fish can striker faster than you blink and this is why sometime the fish can attracted even with the simplest fishing lures or baits. Today, we will give you certain type of fishing lures which available to catch mackerel fish.
Types of mackerel fishing lures
The most important thing when you want to choose best mackerel fishing lures is that it should be eye catching. The characteristic such as the lures need to be shiny like silver spoon, however it can also comes with bright colors such as yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, and so on. And another consideration to look for is the heavy lure because it will allow you to cast far distances so distant school of mackerel fish can be reached without you need to disturb the fish so they come closer to the boat. The last thing to note is that you should ensure the lure is able to be reeled very quickly. Be careful when choosing soft plastic fishing lures, because there are those designed to have some shape intended for slow retrieve and when you reeled such lures very fast then they are tend to spin in circles.
1.      Hard metal lures
This one come with wide variety of types and being heavy and metal give more advantages. Just like we already mentioned before, heavy lures will allow you to catch far away and reach distant school of fish and this is especially essential if you fishing mackerel in the surf or off a pier because you might not have ability to get closer to the fish. The second benefit is that they are tough. It should be noted since some type of mackerel fish like Spanish mackerel has sharp and triangular set of teeth which can slice through soft plastic lures. And not to mention by using metal lures, you can use it again and again without losing the lure effectiveness.
2.      Soft plastic lures
Although we are mentioned that soft plastic lures can be sliced through by mackerel fish teeth, however they can still becomes an effective mackerel fishing lures. However, you need to buy the one that can be reeled very fast and you should pick an eye catching shiny bright color. Next, you need to choose a soft plastic lures that allow you to cast far away and use the right size to fish mackerel. The disadvantages for using soft plastic lures or baits is that they get easily torn up, but they can also being used as many as possible unless you want to catch certain types of mackerel fish like Spanish mackerel with strong teeth so the lures might not last long.
3.      Artificial flies
Certain types of mackerel like to munch small anchovies and small shiny and white artificial flies work perfectly to mimic this thing. They are very deadly for hungry mackerel fish and artificial flies can be thrown easily. This type of small shiny thing is perfect to catch mackerel near the beaches.
Those are several types of mackerel fishing lures and of course there are still many types of bait available. You can even use living baits to catch mackerel or non-living baits by using frozen fish and the cut into fillets or chunks. The smell of the fish will attract the mackerel really quick.
The best lures out of the three mackerel fishing lures above is of course the heavy metal one. The reason is that because it allows you to cast far away to reach large school of mackerel fish and the material is really durable so it can be used multiple times without being torn up unlike soft plastic material. However, if you do not mind losing a ton of soft plastic mackerel lures then it is okay to use them. Anyway, whatever fishing lures you want to use, just make sure that you cast far and then reel very fast.

Types of Best Mackerel Fishing Lures

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