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Mackerel Fish Frozen Thailand Handling Process

Mackerel fish frozen Thailand process ensures the freshness quality of the fish even after being delivered to the customers. The best frozen mackerel is that flash frozen immediately after caught and even better with rapid freezing process. The fish needs to be frozen in the right temperature using deep frozen on loading and if such process cannot be conducted properly then the fishes are going spoilage during long journey or shipping. Fish unlike meat since they can spoil quickly and this is why oily fish such as mackerel, tuna, and sardine need to be frozen before distributed to various places especially before move into factory plants.

Mackerel fish frozen Thailand information
When the mackerel fish is frozen before being delivered to other places, it is possible that the mackerel is exposed into high temperature. And with incorrect storage method the fish will suffer from depreciation. This condition can be recognized when you see the fish appearance as well as the packages, if you see some frost formation on the packages or cartons then you should throw away the mackerel. In addition, even when the mackerel fish frozen Thailand is already sold to markets and costumers see visible brown coloration, thick layer of ice on the package then this mean that the fish has freezer burn. Such mackerel fish need to be avoided and rejected.
Maximum duration of frozen mackerel fish
Frozen oily fish such as mackerel has maximum duration of storage. Some fish can be stored for several months in proper temperature. For example, oily fish can last longer up to 8 months while other frozen fishes such as lean fish and filleted fish have maximum of 12 months and 6 to 9 months of storage duration. So, basically it is depend on the type of the fish. Since mackerel is part of oily fish then this is mean you can freeze the fish up to 8 months. And if the mackerel fish frozen Thailand product is being so dry with poor flavor and straw-like texture then this is mean that the fish experience long storage period and need to be tossed away.
Packaging and distribution method
Mackerel fish frozen Thailand origin usually packaged in plastic film and the transferred into boxes or cartons. And for oily fish such mackerel, this is essential that the fish is vacuum packaged to prevent any rancidity risk due to the oily texture. For the packaging sizes, it is depend on the size of the mackerel fish. After the frozen fish done to be packaged, they will be delivered using truck, aircraft, railroad, or ship. During distribution, the frozen fish need to be stored inside refrigerated container. The container should have very low temperature so the fish inside can maintain their freshness condition. It is important to keep freezing chain during distribution especially if the fish need to be moved on from one place to another. This is for the sake of qualities and the storage life of the mackerel fish.
Important notes when the mackerel fish frozen Thailand products is exported to other countries during damp weather like heavy snow or rain. When this is happen, then the suppliers or the distribution staff should ensure that the cargo carried the frozen mackerel fish can protect the fish from moisture because in that condition, the quality of the fish may be diminished.
Securing the cargo which bring the frozen mackerel need to be secure properly. The packages should be stowed and secured so the fish is not shift or slip during distribution journey. If the mackerel fish shifted or slipped then it is possible that the mackerel will be damaged with other items or articles on the cargo.
Last note
Frozen fish such as mackerel is sensitive with contamination and this is why the suppliers need to process, package, and distributed the mackerel fish frozen Thailand is proper manner. The package and the container which the fish is being kept need to be cleaned and checked to ensure the sterilization plus hygienic condition. That’s why it is recommended that there are experts or inspectors to check the condition start from the process, packaging, and distribution to ensure that the fish is being handled according to the standards that already made by the manufacturers.

Mackerel Fish Frozen Thailand Handling Process

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